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Dental cleaning

Healthy teeth is our priority

How does tartar form?

Tartar is a deposit that forms when dental plaque thickens and hardens. Plaque is a sticky film composed primarily of bacteria and saliva, which is deposited evenly over the surface of the teeth and gums. When not removed rapidly, it accumulates and hardens, thus turning into tartar.

Why do teeth need to be examined every year?

At Clinique Médico-Dentaire de la Gatineau, our professionals are of the opinion that teeth cleanings in a dental clinic are an essential complement to oral care performed at home. Indeed, brushing and flossing alone cannot remove all of the tartar on your teeth; a dentist-performed scaling (removal of tartar) is therefore absolutely necessary. Furthermore, some regions of the mouth are difficult to reach with a toothbrush, further promoting the mineralization of plaque and tartar formation in these areas. And tartar accumulation being the cause of diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, it is critical to treat it promptly.

Our scaling and X-ray services

Dental cleaning

At Clinique Médico-Dentaire de la Gatineau, we rely on a team of eight qualified hygienists who use two scaling techniques:

  • UltrasoundThis is the most common technique because it is fast, effective, and well tolerated by patients. A vibrating metal tip is passed over the dental surface to loosen the tartar. Water is also used to avoid heating and to allow the detachment of the scale, which is then, recovered using a suction machine.
  • Mechanical instruments (periodontal curettes)This method uses periodontal curettes to scrape off the tartar. It is best used to complement the ultrasound technique.

The polishing step comes right after scaling. A small roller brush coated with an abrasive paste cleans plaque and removes stains.


We also have a radiography department that can establish a more accurate diagnosis of the condition of your mouth. Dental X-rays help determine, among others, the presence of cavities, abscesses, cysts or tumours. 

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